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Rasmussen Outfitters began with Andy Rasmussen’s pure passion to hunt.  He started this business as a way to sustain his own hobby.  And now, he shares this passion for hunting and respect for harvesting big game with people from every corner of the United States.


Imagine waking up in rural Orofino, Idaho: population 3,000.  You’re up long before dawn in preparation for your big hunt.  The house is busy as breakfast is prepared, lunches are packed, the trucks are started, and the dogs are loaded up.


It’s early fall.  As the sun rises, it casts a warm glow over the pines and distant peaks.  You’re exhausted yet wide awake with adrenaline and anticipation.  Before long, the lead dogs are on a fresh scent and the entire pack is released in a focused uproar.  They take off down the winding access road with one mission: tree the trophy black bear.



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