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Meet The Team


Andy Rasmussen

 I'm the owner and one of the guides of Rasmussen Outfitters. I bought this business at the end of 2008 and am blessed to have done so. I started hunting at a young age with family and now have a family of my own and I love to get the younger generations hooked on hunting as well.  I love the outdoors and hunting and nothing gives me a  greater pleasure than a satisfied client that has had a great experience hunting with us at Rasmussen Outfitters.


Seth Rasmussen

 I've guided for Rasmussen Outfitters for 7 years now. I grew up running hound dogs on bear and lion and doing any type of hunting I could do. I've always enjoyed being in the woods and outdoors, especially with my family and good friends.There's never a dull moment to be had when one is out hunting, and it's not always about the harvest but about the memories you make.


Charlie Hammons

Elk and Deer Guide and main face you will see at hunting shows.

Mitch Payne

Guides elk, deer, bear and mountain lion hunts. Likes to kill things.....


Hunting Dogs

The best hunting dogs a guy could ever want.

Kylon Gillispie

Loves to hunt all animals, but just guides bear for now. 

More Information

What's Included?

Your trip begins with a flight to Lewiston, Idaho.  We will pick you up from the airport and drive an hour back to Orofino, a small town of about 3,000 residents.  Housing and food are 100% included in all Rasmussen Outfitter hunts.  During elk, deer, and bear season we will hunt out at camp, which includes wall tent with a fireplace, cots, sleeping gear, shower and restroom. During lion season we hunt from the house. Housing includes all your typical amenities: bed, shower, hot water, etc.  We will provide breakfast and a packed lunch for each day.  After the hunt, hunters and guides alike return to the house for dinner.


The scenery is breathtaking, but the mountains are unforgiving.  Hunters are expected to pack accordingly for the given season.  Bring plenty of warm winter clothes, as Idaho has cold and snowy winters.  Wool clothing and Pac-type boots are preferred.  Fall hunts always have a chance of rain so rain gear and waterproof boots are a must.


Airfare, game tags, and butcher fees are not included in pricing.  However, our excellent guides will assist you with the preparation of your kill for the taxidermist and take the meat to the butcher. A non resident license is $185, a Bear tag is $231.75, a Mnt Lion tag is $204.50, a Elk tag is $651.75, a Deer tag is $351.75, and a Wolf tag is $31.75.


A deposit is required in advance to reserve dates for your hunt.  The balance is due on arrival in cash or bank cashier’s check.  Deposits are not refundable.  Idaho requires a 6% sales tax on all outfitters’ fees.  Rasmussen Outfitters is an equal opportunity provider.

Rasmussen Outfitters is licensed, bonded, and insured.

For reservations, call Andy Rasmussen evenings: (208) 400-0048.

What People Say...

4 of us spent 8 days at Rasmussen Outfitter and what a trip.  Picked up at the airport, driven to camp, settled in and immediately bonded with Andy, his wife Alesia, their children and his guides.  We were literally guests in their own home and were treated as part of the family.  Alesia fed us breakfast, packed our lunches and had homemade, hot delicious dinners ready for us no matter what time we returned from the woods.  Andy and his guides were tireless workers, willing to do whatever necessary to get us in front of elk, bear and even a mountain lion!  We were archery hunters and Andy and his guides had us on elk every day, but we seemed to be the unluckiest hunters in the woods that week.  Always close but never just the right situation for the perfect shot even though we heard and saw elk every day.  Lucky for us, there was a pack that actually worked harder than Andy and his guides.  The bear and lion dogs!!!  I put myself through college coon hunting with dogs at night but never in my life have a pack of hounds lit my fire like Andy’s dogs.  When they strike, the woods come unglued.  When they tree, you will come unglued.  We ended up with 2 bears and a mountain lion and couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more.  


If you want action, if you are in shape (although they do have 4-wheelers if you’re not), if you like waking up early and if you want to get away for a week with limited interference from the outside world, don’t miss a chance to sign up with Andy and Rasmussen Outfitters!


Tod Booth, Cincinnati Ohio 

Jason Wood, Massachusetts

I never had much interest in hiring a guide due to my DIY attitude.  I am a guide in New England myself and have met so many outfitters in the industry.  I had heard the pitch, but I was never sold.  


Meeting the guys from Rasmussen Outfitters at a Virginia trade show instantly changed my mind.  The Rasmussen’s are like a family to us now.  Top notch mountain men who live, breath, and eat hunting in the Idaho mountains.  The entire time we felt like we were in camp with our best buddies.  I will be going back to hunt with these guys no doubt!


The passion and knowledge they have for hunting, especially running bear dogs, is clearly seen and something that is forever in my blood!

Andrew Walter, Wild Edge Inc.


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