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Guided Bear Hunt

Hunt Bear


Dates May and September

Investment $2800-3600 

Details 5 days with hounds-$3200 or 5 day bait- $2800 or 5 day bait/hounds- $3600. Non Hunters $200 a day. Non Res License $185, Bear tag $231.75.

Additional Info Our spring and fall bear hunts are in May and September. These are fully guided hound hunts or bait hunts, for trophy bear in Idaho's North Fork of the Clearwater River country. These hunts are in the Nez-Perce Clearwater National Forest as was as state and private lands. An excellent population of bear and a pack of superior bear hounds will make this hunt one of the best you'll ever take. Our guides are experienced, successful and professional and really know how to produce a trophy bear. Color variations are from black to all shades of brown, to cinnamon, to even an occasional blonde bear. This is bear hunting at its finest.

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